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A Woman of My Age


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A Woman of My Age

(By Theresa S)

They say...

A woman of my age should not let her hair

Fall below the marks of her shoulder.

It will bring the face down

And make her look older.

Further more, a woman of my age

Should not were blouses without sleeves

Because her upper arms

Aren't what they should be.

A woman of my age

Should keep her skirts hem line at the knee

Because as you age

There are some things folk's should not see.

A woman of my age

Should wear sensible shoes!

Because of corns and bunions

It is the best thing to do.

But I say...

A woman of my age

Should let her hair grow.

When it gets too long

I think she will know.

A woman of my age

Should wear tank tops when it is hot

Whether she can lift fifty pounds,

Or not.

A woman of my age

Knows personally best

The length at which

Her hem lines need rest.

A woman of my age,

How I hate the way it sounds!

We listen to the media

And in its images we drown.

A woman of my age

Is secure and finally sure of herself.

She doesn't long to be nineteen,

But she is not ready for the shelf.

A woman of my age

Should not wear tube tops.

On that point I agree,

But that is where it all stops!

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