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Compression Fracture Treatment

Donna D.

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In March my husband was found to have spinal compression fractures (T8-T11) due to tumor involvement. He recieved 10 radiation treatments to his spine with little or no relief of pain. The doctors even upped his Oxy to 120mg 3Xday. He has been referred to a spine specialist who may preform Kyphoplasty on him. This said to be a minimally invasive fracture reduction treatment, with immediate relief of pain. I was just wondering if anyone on this board has had any experience with compression fractures and thier treatment, or Kyphoplasty itself. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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Just a follow up:

My husband had the Kyphoplasty treatment done on his spine on November 18th with just an overnight stay in the hospital. He has gained great relief from the pain he was having. Before the procedure he could not get comfortable in any position (sitting, standing, or laying down) and was miserable with pain. They repaired 4 vertebrea (T7-T10) with great success! He is a totally different person now and can again do some of the every day things in life that he wasn't able to. Wishing You all the best of health through the holiday seasons and beyond!!!!

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Donna D---

I have not had your experiences---however-just want to say I am glad the procedure worked and he is no longer in pain---hope you have a good and pain free holiday


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