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Can we go to Dallas Texas May 1&2 ?

Donna G

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I was reading the recent Cure magazine today. They say to mark our calenders for the First National Patient & Survivor Forum sponsored by Cure Magazine. Registration details in the Winter issue of Cure. Wouldn't it be great if all 648 of us showed up with lung cancer survivor shirts on!! :D:D Donna G

ALERT SEE NEW DATES MAY 22 and 23. New info posted Tues Dec 16

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I have a new tshirt... I just got one from TheTruth. I passed a quiz they had and they sent me one of their tshirts from the commercial where 1200 people stood outside of the tobacco company asking them to take a day off so 1200 lives could be saved. I thought it was pretty wild that I actually got one...

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OK, I'm in!! :):):)

God willing, could'nt think of a better way to celebrate my 3rd anniversary of being cancer free. Just need the T-shirt, a hotel and a local golf course. Gotta get a round in. :)

Donna, give us a heads up when the issue comes out. :wink:

God bless and be well

Bobmc- NSCLC-stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Depending on how fast you drive, you can get to Dallas from Houston in about 5 hours. Traffic is bad in Houston and in Dallas, but there is a whole lot of country highway in between. We'd love to see you there. By the way, I love your picture--nice to see the face behind the wit!


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Okay, here's some input....if we could ALL manage to get together as a group, we could pick a hotel (or two) and reserve a block of rooms for a better rate... Not being from that particular area, I'm not sure of the "good deals", "Roach Motels" and "Too much for too little" Dallas hotels... Are there any rodeos or county fairs to contend with in May in Dallas? I know that it's impossible to get a hotel room in Augusta, GA, when the Masters are in town...and that the rooms that are usually $50 go for five times that...

Need more input....

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Ok Kids, I just happen to work for a hotel company that has a pretty nice hotel in dowtown Dallas. I spoke with the Director of Sales today and she said she could offer us a "Group Rate" depending on how many rooms we were able to book. If you are serious, please let me know and I can set it up with her. It would be all on an individual reservation system but we would hold a small block based on the response.

Either PM me or post here and once I know more what you would like to do I will contact her. She did mention a $99 per night rate if we had 10 - 15 rooms and we can maybe?? do better if we had more.

God Bless,


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