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Mom had a follow up with the surgeon. First XRay since chemo came out clean as a whistle. I guess we can say NED, right?

However, she continues having swelling in her legs and some shortness of breath. Something wasn't right with the bloodwork, so they're still trying to find out what's going on. Anybody have any thoughts?

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Big news since all of this. I am out of town and don't have time to go into huge detail but we had a MAJOR scare tonight - and I'm 300 miles away from Mom!

She had an extremely severe ear ache which prompted a couple of doctors visits in one day, and then when the pain didn't resolve with a powerful painkiller, her doc (who is very good and very concerned, but a little over-protective) sent her to the hospital.

The hospital she went to is one in Knoxville that we're not a big fan of. They did a CT in her headand came back all puzzled saying they'd found something in her head and didn't know - that it could be a cyst or tumor.

Needless to say, we were all in a state of shock and panic like we've not experienced in six months. They immediately left and took her to the hospital that her oncologist is affiliated with (which is also a much better facility). After just a little while, they ran another CT, said she had a very severe middle ear infection that would require IV antibiotics, but said that "most definitely" her CT was clear of any abnormality.

HUGE sigh of relief on my part. This all came after a very huge weeklong ordeal about decisions Mom had to make about her future and her security in her health that really showed us how scared she is that she's going to die and had already brought all of our fears to the surface(LONG story). It's just been crazy.

I've wanted to get on here all week. I've needed your all's support. I'm ready to go home (tomorrow).

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I am so sorry for the scare. We do not need any more of those than we already get, huh? I am glad it is not brain mets and is an ear infection that can be treated with antibiotics. That is such a relief.

We are all here for you. Hope you have a safe trip home and keep us posted. Give your mom an extra hug.

By the way, I remember when my husband started to discuss post life issues and it was really shocking and sad to me BUT, even though it not being done under regular circumstances, it is good to have done anyway, just because...if that helps comfort you at all.

Take Care!


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Mitchell--How frightening! Isn't amazing how the least little thing can make our hearts freeze with fear. But I'm glad you mom got it checked out and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

As for the end of life issues. I think we all ought to have those discussions with our loved ones on a regular basis. As the events in VA showed us on Monday, none of us knows when we will be called home. Even my mom, when she gets a little spooked about the LC, I tell her 'cheer up, you could still get hit by a bus tomorrow." Oddly enough she laughs and seems to be a little better. Fortunatley her sense of humor is fully intact.

My family is going through the same thing and I'm trying to encourage all of us participate and plan for our own "last wishes" so that my mother doesn't feel so singled out. I beleive it is a healthy thing to do.


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DON'T SMOKE, Mitchell! Now that that is out of the way.....I think you received great news. As for end of life decisions ~ I was told I better have all my ducks in a row real soon. So I did......that was 2-1/2 years ago!!!! Now I am happy that all that has been done so there is nothing hanging over my head.

Can't wait until you are home. Where ARE you, anyway?



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I am so sorry for the scare...I know exactlky what you felt...I am glad relief followed the fear though. But still it sucks.

As far as end of life stuff, mom and I had to discuss and straighten out many things. I sat at the table and told her I hated doing this stuff, I felt like signing papers, living wills, and compiling acct numbers wasn't important.

She said, "If I were fine, would doing this stuff be a problem? Would you mind doing it?" I said no.

She said "well then..."

But I understand. It is a sucky process when the reality of it is more than a distant thought.

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Whew!!!! I can understand why you were scared. Glad your Mom is getting the care she needs for her ear infection.

I hated the talks, but can honestly say it was easier to concentrate on fighting the "beast" after having taken care of the "what ifs."

Sending up prayers tonight for you and your Mom.


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I'm home now and Mom seems to be feeling much better. Her PCP did tell her that there's a possibility of a benign mass in her ear and if so, they'd remove it but that it most definitely was not related to cancer.

I haven't smoked and I don't plan on it. I'll elaborate some other time on the end of life stuff, but we've come to some decisions as a family that I think we can all live with.

We certainly have not figured everything out - but we're also seriously not expecting to be in need of it, either.

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I totally missed these events. Sorry I wasn't in your corner, specifically.

If she has a neuroma, Gamma Knife is the way to go rather than surgery. I recently had a scare of my own and researched this topic along with talking to a radiation oncologist that does Gamma Knife here in Knoxville.


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