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Another three months PLUS


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We had good news all over the place last week. Len, who had been ill this winter with a virus that infected his pericardium, resulting in a pericardial effusion that triggered atrial fibrillation, went to the cardiologist five weeks after the surgery (pericardial window) that drained the effusion and NO MORE A-FIB! He's back to normal sinus rhythm, and the cardiologist took him off coumadin and doesn't want to see him for six months. Words to treasure.

Then, just to end the week perfectly, he went for his scheduled three month xray/bloodtest/onc meeting and, thank heavens, still NED.

We're coming up on our THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of diagnosis (4/21/04) and are so grateful for the treatment and help he received...and for this website which helped us get through it all!



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