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Getting to Know You - April 5


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I'm with you, Ginny. Although there are some wonderful things to be smelled, it seems that I could do without the good or bad smells, if necessary. Like you, sight would be at the absolute bottom of my list.

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I would say taste, not hard after

to keep on a diet, as long as the

food is sane all would taste neutral.

I already lost 75% hearing that

can be restore to only 50% with

hearing aids.

Easy for me to know when people

get near me just by my sense of smell

even when I don't hear them (back of me)

would miss it a lot.


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Just wanted to let you guys know, if you lose your sense of smell, your taste goes with it!

My Dad was in a brawl during his younger years and lost his sense of smell/taste. Now we look at his loss as a Godsend; he tolerated chemo and that awful metallic taste that accompanies treatment very well.

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As long as I could keep smelling all the good things (and hoping not to find one of the bad ones!) I don't think I'd mind not tasting them.

I know I couldn't go without seeing, hearing, or feeling something I touched. It's a phobia of mine (and Mom's it turns out!).

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