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KatieB 9000

Don Wood

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Our dear KatieB has made her 9000th post! Gives us the opportunity to thank her and Rick again for this awesome site and for all they do to support each of us here. Katie, you are a gem! With all your own problems, you still find time to support us in a big way. Many blessings. Don

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9000 reasons we love Katie and Rick:

1. You made us LCSC

2. You are selfless

3. You have a beeeautiful family

4. You understand the true meaning of friendship

5. You stay strong when the winds are rough.

6. Great listening

7. You are all about HOPE

8. You consistently share that hope with others.

9. You are just awesome.

Ok.... How about just 9 in honor of your 9000? Though 9000 would only be scratching the surface (I just gotta, you know... go do my day! ;):D )

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WOW Katie. 9000!! Do you remember the first post??? :shock: Thanks for everything you and Rick have both done for every one here. all the Tech support And advice and Love and Compassion and knowledge, and prayers, and events, and functions, that you have been involoved with For Lung Cancer!! :mrgreen:

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Wow, Katie.....9000 posts! Can you even believe it? Now add that to all the emails and PM's ~ is there a large enough number???? It's a surprise you have time for anything else! You are a force, Katie. Along with Rick, what a team.

It's a shame we hope you post 9000 more, but until there is a cure for this blasted disease, your posts are what keep us going. Thanks.



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Katie there are those who wish they could and those who think they can. But you are a DO'ER and like all the other's i'm very thankfull you and Rick made this all possible.You remembered your very first post here and that is proof of how serious you take this..... GOD BLESS YOU......Larry

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