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Ct.scans and pet scans


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Hi everyone ---I just had a ct scan of the chest and abdomen after finishing chemo. Had a pet scan in june and went to get my records. They seem to differ in the lesions in the liver. Has any of you had this happen and what did your onc. say as to what to beleive. Thanks Carlton

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well so far my s/o started out with before surgery one lesion, 7mm then he had 4 lesions next pet scan, some were 2 cm + the next scan showed 6 lesions... All reports reccomended mri as follow up, no oncologist did one, and we didn't question anything until the last oncologist visit.. So anyways hes getting a new ct scan on Oct. 27th we will find out results on oct 30, 2003... We asked them about them and anyways if this ct scan shows them still or more or growth they are gonna follow up with pet scan or mri.. not sure at this point... I have always worried about these... they seem not too.. the radiationoncologist said that if we don't get what here pointing at darrells chest that we won't need to worry about the liver and thats how he left it... all reports have said probably cancer due to metastic disease, but last report says probably begnein... I don't trust reports... but it also said not to rule out metastic disease. We told the oncologist we want to know what we are dealing with and if they are cancer we need to know and they need to proceed as they should for liver cancer.Hope this helps some.. also Norme that is on here her husband has 2 lesions which they said was mets and now they did a ultrasound I think and anyways they are not cancer... Ihope we come out with same results but I'm not so sure at this point.. Good luck and hope you have good results... But don't let them just sit on them, there are test to find out what those lesions are... make them do them, insisit on it... Good luck!! I'll be praying for you.. Christy

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My husband Buddy was first scanned and told he had two cysts on his liver back before they did the surgery to remove his left lung and that was in 09/02. At that time the report said an ultra sound of the liver was recommended. none was done. From that report up until 7/15/03 we were told cysts and all the scan reports in-between 09/02 and 7/03 always said to do an ultra sound. Again none was done. On 7/15/03 a chest scan was done at another scan location and it reported that there has been interval development of liver metastases since the prior study. It did give the size as 1.7cm. The onc started him on Taxotere. He had three treatments three wks apart. On 9/17/03 another scan of the chest was done and it said several low attenuation lesions within the upper liver, consistent with metastases. One of these in the left lobe has decreased in size from 1.7cm to 1.3 cm.

I insisted on an ultrasound of the liver and I wanted it done at the original place and it has come back saying what is in there are cysts. I have not gotten a copy of this report but will come Tuesday.

We were also told he had bone cancer in his right shoulder. Was sent to the radiation onc and he questioned that one and went and talked to the radiologist at the hospital (the original place) while we waited and he and the radiologist said it was not mets but a torn rotercuff (not sure of the spelling). They also told him back in 02/03 he had bone cancer in the left rib and gave him radiation treatments for that. I insisted on another bone scan and no bone cancer at all in his skelatol system as of 10/1/03. The constant hurting there in the rib area was and still is from the operation where three ribs were taken out to get the whole left lung out...

I don't know what to tell you regarding the copies of your reports, I know you have read them and suspect something may be wrong, asked for more tests if the onc does not satisfy your questions before going through more chemo or radiation. I am so sorry i didn't catch all this on my husband before he went through unnecessary treatments.

We are now waiting for the results from a PET done on 10/8/03 because the same onc and the same scan place that reported liver mets also on 7/15/03 reported mass-like appearances in two lobes of the right lung being more prominet than on the prior study. Suspect for metastatic and the onc said there is cancer in there and wanted to start him on chemo the week before last until I again insisted on the PET. We were never told about cancer being in the right lung. Prior studies said it could be other things with a low chance of mets but can't exclude that. If the PET shows hot spots, I will insist on a biopsy first before anymore treatments...to much of chemo and radiation can also kill you....

So that is where we are and for you, I can only say make sure you are comfortable with the answers and if not insist on more scans, whether they be ultra sounds, MRI, or whatever. You can also have a biopsy of the liver when in doubt...

This has really been one big nightmare. You are probably sorry you asked your question after reading this. But, you know how they say "Buyer Beware" well I say "Cancer Patient Beware of Medical Reports".

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Hi Rinksgal and Norme, Thank you so much for thereply on scans etc. It is so frustrating when one has the best doctors in their fields and there is so many different opinions. But i will make sure i am satisfied with the explanations. I have extensive edema from my knees down to my toes and again all kinds of explanations but no results. The oncolagy nurse who programs the chemo says it is from the chemo gemzar which i was on for 10 treatments one every other week for the lesions to the liver which they have now stopped and next week i start on taxatere one treatment every three weeks i beleive it is for 9 weeks or so. the oncologist says it is frim the chemo also, my pulmanary doc says he beleives it is caused by the lymph nodes in the abdomen being compromised by the cancer ( i have nsclc ) He set me uo with a apt with a vasular doc as pet scan showed uptake in upper left thigh. Will see him on tues for the second time. First visit he did not have copies of the scans and i had to sign for him to reveiw the actual films. This new privacy thing i guess. I kinda feel it has something to do with the lymphs as after two different rounds of durietics that did nothing at all now on a third . On and on it goes but when one does not get any answers it is frustrating. But enough said for now thanks again for you responce. Carlton

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