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Happy Easter to everyone!


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There has been so much sad news this week. I hope everyone can have a peaceful Easter Holiday and share wonderful memories of those who were lost this week and the weeks before. This disease is so hard to understand. My sister asked me last night if there were people out there that survived this cancer, and I said Yes. She wanted to know for how long..and I said "until God needs them with him". I didn't know what to say. Prayers for everyone!

Love to all!!


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Happy Easter! Staying busy at church--we are having 6 services. I'm singing in the choir and acting in our drama (crowd scene and an angel--no speaking part). A friend has invited us for Easter dinner. Just don't think I could do it this year. Take care.

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Happy Easter to everyone in my second family. I will be cooking and hosting Easter this year. Mom is coming up tomorrow night and staying through Monday. I always find it best to get her away from home on any holiday.... and it is always a pleasure to have her stay with me!!

Planning on hiding lots of eggs for my grandson and thanking God for all the good things I have in my life, including all of you. Love, Sharon

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Happy Easter to all of you! Thanks again for welcoming me here.

I've got a bunch of goodies made for tomorrow's dinner! It'll be here, with the kid's and grandkids--("maybe" my husband will get out of the hospital to join us too)!

I hope you all have a good day!


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