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Mom's wierd symptom


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Okay...I think this is so strange. Mom just had a clean MRI yesterday. That is great! However, now today she is having some flashing light symptoms similar to the original symptoms she had when they discovered a new tumor. She had that one surgically removed and just finished up with the decadron last weekend. What do any of you make of this? Could it just be the space from the tumor healing? I would think it was another tumor if I didn't know she just had a clean MRI yesterday. I certainly hope a new one wouldn't pop up quite that fast. What do you think??

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I'd sure call, to make sure. It sounds odd, given the clean MRI, but at least you can relax if you put it in the Dr's hands. That's my theory, at least.

Does your mom have a histroy of migraines? I get flashing lights often, but they are associated with migraines.

Meanwhile, I will be praying for her. Keep us posted!

:) Kelly

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