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Good spot for a fentanyl patch?


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i put the patch on my back just right above my shoulder blade, but by the second day, the sides were peeling up and I wasn't getting any pain relief.

Anyone have ideas on the optimal spot for these things? I was thinking the middle of my lower back (not a lot of movement). Also, have you used tape to keep it down?



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Aaron, my friend uses the same thing, and we were told by her nurse to put it on the back, sides of the waist,

or upper outer arm. You can use first aid tape to tape the edges down. Do not put it where there is hair or a tattoo, and place it in a new spot when you replace it. Hope this helps. MC

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Hey Aaron - I do believe it needs a "fatty" part of your body. I would try lower abdomen or also the top part of your buttocks or outer arm. There is no reason that I have heard of as to why you can not use tape. I say use (but stay away from duct tape :wink: ). Best of luck to you!

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Hi Aaron, I always had good luck putting it on my lower back, right above the hip. I would switch side to side each time. I didn't have any problem with it falling off, though it would certainly begin to peel up by day 3. Just remember what I told you about the vomiting. I am so proud of you. Get in there and kick a**!! Hugs, Liz

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Aaron, I don't know if you live alone, but have someone check on you in the 36-48 hour range. My mom and my dad both had hallucinations, and had to be watched so regular meds could be administered appropriately.

I don't want to scare you, it doesn't happen to everyone. But better prepared than not.


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