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My friend wrote a book that has really helped a lot of people struggling to deal with the loss of their loved ones to lung cancer. She began this book in 2004 after losing her mother to lung cancer and said that she wanted to honor her mom and others who lost their lives because of smoking in the hopes that she could help others going through that type of loss and maybe even inspire a few people to quit smoking before it’s too late. The book is called A Breath Away and is actually a compilation of 19 different stories from daughters who lost their mothers to lung cancer. I can’t tell you how many people have praised this book for helping them get through the tough times of coping with a loss, whether it was a daughter and her mom or a husband and his wife. I think the book publisher is in Phoenix, but I know for sure that you can find it on Amazon. Anyway, I just thought I’d share this with you all because I know any bit can help us through these tough times and that inspiration and solace can come from anywhere if we’re willing to look. Besides, the more anti-smoking material there is out there and the more people know about it the better, right? Take care and God bless.

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We try to Advocate that Lung Cancer is NOT just a smokers disease. We here at LCSC have many members who never smoked or never were around second hand smoke and yet they have lung cancer. I just don't want people to feel that lung cancer is just a smokers disease. Sadly enough more and more non smokers are being diagnosed with lung cancer.

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