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A message of Hope on Easter

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Hello All-

I haven't been here in a while-Between marathon training, work, studying for my PMP exam and family there has not been much time for message boards or anything remotely 'non-vital'.

I wanted to share a bit of 'hope' with everyone on Easter weekend.

March 3 2007 marked 8 years since my never-smoker 52 year old mom was diagnosed with terminal NSCLC. At dx there were multiple lesions in her brain already as well as her adrenal glands and they gave her about 4 months to live.

Her journey has not been without hardship-however she has never focused on that and would be upset with me if she knew that I focused on that. She has never chosen to focus on the illness-rather life and things other than those related to cancer. I believe this is one of the keys to her long-term survival, she doesn't give her cancer one ounce of energy other than she absolutely must give it. Please do not misunderstand, I am not questioning the pain that accompanies this disease and treatments, I have witnessed it and know it is intense and makes it hard to focus on good, I am encouraging everyone to try to focus on good anyway-

I have asked her to come here and share her story-she simply says there is nothing she can tell people here about lung cancer that they don't already know first-hand. I tell her that she is a miracle and that she could help offer others hope, she says there is nothing special about her, she is a normal person and doing the best she can with what she has been given.

I hope everyone has a great Easter- and send you all warm beams of light and love that will lift you up and allow you to focus, if only for one small moment, on what you can do rather than what you cannot.

Bright Blessings-


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Happy Easter to you and your family and thank you for posting your mom's story. You are so right that her story gives many of us hope, and hope is what keeps all of us going when faced with the scary statistics that are usually published about lung cancer. My mom isn't ready to come to this site, but I make sure and pass along all of the inspirational stories I read (like your mom's) Shelley

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Thank you for sharing your Mom's experiences.

I'm new here, (with a newly diagnosed husband), so I latch on to posts like yours, and think about them many times during the day! Gives me great hope!

Happy Easter to you and your family.


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