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update due & I need a smack on the side of the head


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Thanks everyone for remembering my 5 year mark. However, in 2 weeks it will be 6 YEARS!!! And my treat that day??? A hot stone massage :lol: Never had one.

Had my first PET scan in December which was clear. Just a few unrelated to cancer things.

I now take flowers to my oncologist visits, for the front desk. And every time I remind them that I am a survivor, thanks to them. And I tell them to let people know the flowers are from a lung cancer survivor.

Finished paperwork for son's SENIOR YEAR at college. He was in first grade when all this nonsense started.

The smack on the side of the head??? I have a serious post nasal drip and a cough. For three whole days :roll: and yes, :roll: I have myself in a panic. Will call my internist tomorrow and get in, and will probably call the onc as well.

So who wants to be first in line?



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Yay for the 6 years!!!!!

I can't smack you b/c it would be pot calling kettle black and then you'd have to smack me back and I could end up with a bruise on my face before my second baby shower :) Heeheee.

However, I can tell you that from my own experience, that post nasal drip cough can last a long time. I get it soooo frequently. I had chest xrays for it myself a couple of years ago and last year too. In actuality from research over 90% of chronic coughs are from that drip.

Try not to get yourself in a panic over it b/c the drip will cause you to cough. I have a prescription decongestant/expectorant pill, guinfasen, whenever I feel it.

Update after the dr visits though :)

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Hey Gail, Congratulations on 6 years. Yeaaaah.

I've been clearing my throat more than usual the last month. I got to thinking lc could be back, but am holding off on telling my docs. Because what can they do but order up another PET or CT etc - they would be negligent if they didn't. I am getting so sick of the pre-test/post-test drama. :)

If it helps, my yoga teacher has been clearing her throat often during class. I think it is the pollen. Supposed to be heavy this year.


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Congratulations, how wonderful to be 6 years out.

As for the drip.......must be the thing of the moment - I have it, my husband has it and my daughter was complaining about over the weekend - it's also tree pollen time so maybe it's allergies and no smack is needed!

Go celebrate but take plenty of kleenex or cough drops!


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Gail..you are the woman of the hour........................6 BIG YEARS!!! You are blessed indeed. I refuse to smack you because you do exactly what just about all of us here do. I'm glad you are checking things out and will wait to hear what the verdict is. Maybe you're allergic to Easter bunny fur :? !



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