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1st CT Scan Sience Surgery


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I am having my 1st CT on Tuesday. I won't know the results until Oct 23 when I go to doctor. I am not having any real problems at the moment but my back does give me pain at times. It comes and goes. I keep picturing in my mind when I took the orig scan when I was dx. The report showed that I had clean margins when my lung was removed. This back pain has got me concerned. I hope I am over reacting somewhat. The CT is chest/abdomen so I don't know if back will show or not. Could everyone PLEASE remember me in Prayer as I go take the CT and wait on results. Thanks


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I am sending up prayers for you for clean results. The CT scan should show if there is anything on the back.

My husband has been having some pretty major back pain for the past two months. He had a CT scan, and it didn't show anything. He did a bone scan and an MRI which also showed clean. They decided that because of other pains he was unconsciously holding his body position differently to accomodate that pain which was causing muscle strain. They said that all the stress and tension he is going through was also causing muscle knots which all combined is where the pain is coming from.

I would think having surgery would cause you to sit, sleep, stand, and basically do everything different than what your body and posture are normally used to. I would also assume that you are experiencing quite a bit of stress and anxiety which can cause muscle tension and pain. Try and stay positive and remember that there are a lot of normal conditions that can be the culprit besides cancer.

I am hoping this in nothing more than normal aches and pains. It will be wonderful to hear the doctor just say "well, your getting older..."

I understand the waiting for those results is the most agonizing time of uncertainty and fear.

I am wishing you the best, and praying for you.

God Bless,


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I am hoping Carleen's husband's answer will be the same for you. It sure is he/////having to go through lc but to have to be worried constantly about every little thing different in our body whether it be a pain, or a sore throat or whatever is horrible. Will the worry ever stop.

Will be praying hard, real real hard.....

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More prayers for you, Bruce, that this is more stress related than anything! I think Carleen had a good point to share about that. Try to take some time to see some funny movies during this week to get your mind off of things and let some positive energy roll around your being. :)

God bless~

Karen M.

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