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How to prevent pneumonia?

Ellen B.

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Henk has had several bouts of pneumonia (or radiation pneumonitis???) since September. We don't know how to prevent this from happening again and again. It starts with a simple 'cold'. A couple of days later, he has pneumonia. Any suggestions how to prevent the pneumonia?


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I don't have lc but used to get

pneumonia each year.

After a very bad experience with it

I got an injection that is good for

life in stopping pneumonia.

Going in my 7 years without any....

Perhaps it would be what Henk



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If it is radiation pneumonitus, has the doc prescribed steroids. I took them for about 6 months until all of those effects were gone.

If the problem is from regular pneumonia, has he had a shot? I had one last year and it has worked very well.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you so much Jackie and Jamie!

Henk didn't have a pneumonia shot. In fact, I'm not sure if this is available in Holland. I've seen that the shot is available in Belgium but can't find it on Dutch websites. I've decided to ask this in the Dutch LC board. And, of course, we'll ask the Docs about it. We consider to travel to Belgium if it's not available here. Ellen.

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Just got the answer from the Dutch LC board Doc. They don't give pneumonia shots in Holland 'because there is no proof that this can prevent pneumonia'. Well, I can't believe it! I'll ask Dr. West if this is true.

I hope that we can go to Belgium and get the shot there. Not sure if this is possible....

Kasey, thank you for asking. Apart from the pneumonia, Henk is doing well. We think and hope that the tumor isn't growing. But we're not sure about this, because Henk doesn't get CT-scans or PET-scans. Only X-rays, bloodwork etc. He had an X-ray last week and his Doc was pleased with the results. He's going to see the radiologist next Thursday.


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