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Has anyone had any experience with a bad cough like mine?

I am very, very worried about a terrible cough I have, especially because it SOUNDS LIKE A HORRIBLE FREIGHT TRAIN ROAR GONE BAD. It is very frightening, and last night the cough woke me up several times.

Thanks for your help.

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I was reading your profile below and I'm going to guess your no longer on treatments??? I'm not sure because your last update on it was in Dec.

Anyway, I have a cough and I have had this cough for many years. It got worse after I finished up my treatments and it's hung on for many years. Some days are worse then others. It's sounds like it comes from my toes at times.

None the less, you really should make mention of this to your doctor. ALWAYS but ALWAYS tell your doctor about new issues that pop up. It's ALWAYS better to be safe rather then sorry.

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Sorry for the cough and all you are going through. If you had any radiation to the chest area (not sure where in the spine you were going to have the rad), it could be radiation pneumonitis. You may need steroids or other medication to calm it down. I would recommend a call to the dr. Take care. Praying for things to calm down quickly.

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My husband coughs too, especially if he is outside and it is cold. At one point he had a bout radiation pneumotonitis and was on steriod. I agreed with the previous posts that you should mention this to your doctor. Prayers going up.


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Thanks to all of you for your help. I went to the doctor today, and yes, I am still on treatment. I had been off last week because of dehydration and getting a blood transfusion of two pints of blood.

I asked the doctor about my cough and he said he didn't know what caused it and I specifically asked him if it could be pneumonitis and he said no, that that happens several weeks after treatment if it happens at all.

I got dehydrated because I could not swallow due to severe pain. Although the other treatments (dehydration and blood transfusion) were not fun, I needed to get off the radiation for a few days, so my swallowing is better now.


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