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Hi ... my mom (75) was diagnosed last May (day before Mother's day) with Stage IIIB adenocarcinoma. She had a pleural effusion with lymph node involvement. Her only option at the time was chemo (not sure why radiation was never/has never been mentioned); surgery wasn't an option because it wasn't contained.

She had Gemzar/Carbo, six rounds, very little side effects other than needing shots for white/red blood cells; no nausea, no hair loss ... just fatigue. Mid-point CT scan showed alot of shrinkage. After chemo, it appeared that only a small amount remained (but was contained) in upper lobe of left lung. She was offered surgery (lobectomy) and had that along with a "chemo infusion" where the flush the area out (while the patient is still "open" in surgery), and she is following up with Alimta now.

March PET scan "lit up" only in an area at the base of the lung (top area is clear) and they are hoping that is from the healing/area where the tubes were inserted during surgery. PET will be repeated in July 07.

Has anyone had this "chemo infusion"? We are from Pittsburgh and she had it from a doctor at Hillman Cancer Center. We are so grateful for her progress and she has felt well throughout it all (recovery from the surgery wasn't a piece of cake).

On one hand, waiting AGAIN for that PET scan in July is so-o-o-o-o hard, but I know that I am fortunate to still have her with me and feeling as well as she is!

Guess i just wanted to tell someone my story! God bless all of you.

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Sounds like your mom is doing all the right things. It's good to hear that your mom is doing so well. PET scans pick up any cell activity. There are many things beside cancer that will light up. Let's pray that your mom's is something else. I have a spot on my hip that lit up and they are not sure what it is. You just have to wait and see and it's not fun waiting but I am getting used to it and I don't let it slow me down.

Stay positive, :)


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Welcome to this wonderful site! I am so happy to hear that your mom is doing so well. We always like to hear the good news. My mom has been receiving the same chemo treatment yours started out on and is also handling that well with minimal side effects. My fingers are crossed for good news with your mom's next scan. Shelley

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Good news about you mom! She has been through alot with great results.

I will keep everything crossed that she will have a good PET result.

We are here if you need us for anything.

Maryanne :wink:

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