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Missed you


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I've missed you all.

Yes, you were always here. Yes, I was around myself. Yes, it's my fault cause I haven't been posting much. I'm been having health problems, I don't want to say anything until tomorrow that I go to the doctor to get my results on what I hope is nothing serious, yet, I'm so nervous that I had to come in and post, as you guys are my strength.

I hope everyone is doing OK.

Much love, Jay.

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Jay, no need to apologize for not posting...just check in from time to time, when you can and when you're up to it. Sorry that you havn't been feeling well, and I hope that your test results are nothing serious. We're here for you; whether you are posting are not you are always on so many peoples minds. I feel that you all are my strength, too. And I'm glad that you came here with your worries. Let us know how things go. We love ya!!! Deb

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