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Made it thru Easter


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Well this was the first real holiday without my mom and it was different. On friday it would have been my parents anniversary so my sisters and I took dad out to dinner after a Good Friday service at our church. I think he was happy to be with us but we all felt that something was missing. Then on Easter sunday we went to church and I did ok until they played my Moms favorite hymn and before I knew it I was balling my eyes out. It was all right though because the whole congregation knew it was her favorite and they were missing her too. Dinner was a little weird and for the first time ever that i can remember no one said prayer before dinner(that was always Moms job). Dad had gone to the cemetary early in the am so after dinner a whole bunch of us went to bring "Mimi" flowers and my nephew said what I had been thinking "its hard to be sad here because its just a bunch of dirt. Mimi's not really here anyway so can we leave now?" it was the first time I had been since the funeral and I thought that I was the only one who felt like that. I miss her so much but i can think of her lying in the cold hard ground. Any way we made it thru the day and as time goes on it hurts a little less than the day before

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I think sometimes it is all we can do to "make" it through a day but you all took good care of your dad and loved him up during one of the toughies. I know they are hard for the whole family so just the mutual supportiveness is what it is all about. I wish your family comfort during this difficult time.

Hugs to you all...Flowergirlie

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I spent much of the day wondering if it was the last Easter I would spend with my mom. I tried to be thankfull that she was here with us, and I was, but I find myself grieving the loss of carelessness. The loss of expectation that there will be many more holidays to come. In a lot of ways the grieving process has already begun.

Maybe one Easter, when they play your mom's favorite hymn it will make you smile and feel closer to her. That's my prayer anyway.

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I know, Easter was a shell of a holiday without our moms. And I totally agree with the cemetery thing - I never thought I would feel that way, I thought it bring me some connection...and it does on some small level, I guess...but you're right, she's just not there....

I'm glad the pain lessened for you, even just a small amount...

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