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Just wanted to thank all of you for your words


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Im doing okay and wanted to say thanks, for the encouragement, I needed it sometimes I feel like whats all this for. I pray and hope and then get we don't know yet. Its an wait and see thing, Im in the fight and will not give up, Im working and thats okay but I have not been given back all my duties to date. Its like they are waiting to see if I back to stay or have to go out again,and I can't answer that question. I will have the CT-Scan at the end of this month and go from there.

I pray for all of us, and again thanks for yours


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Please know that you and your wife remain in my prayers. I pray that your CT scan will be good and that you can have your surgery, heal and move on with your life. I also was stage 3A and I also went through a lot of stressful waiting. I finally did have the surgery and by the Grace of God my scans have been clear since my surgery in July, 2005. Prayers.


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You certainly are a fighter Tbones ~ in the fight of your life.........and you are kicking some cancer butt big time!!!! Glad you came around for another dose of 'you can do this' talk from us. As far as the 'wait and see' thing..........don'tcha just HATE that? Hopefully the scan later this month will bring some positive news. Don't you slack off now, ya hear?


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Hey TD, It sounds like your docs have an aggressive plan and now all you need is a little luck and some prayers to see it through.

So I'm sending my prayers your way today. Prayers for a good report for TD and then on to surgery and a complete recovery. Because TD has lots of good things left to do and lots of people to help. :)


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Hi T-bones,

You will get through this and you are a survivor. I also worked through my treatments. I did it to keep my mind busy and I know it helped me deal with the anxiety because I had less time to think about the situation. My bosses also reduced my responsibilities but I believe they thought they were helping me by reducing stress. And when I think back on it, they were right. That could be what your bosses are doing as well. As long as you have enough work to keep you busy, it might be a good thing to slow it down a little right now and reduce your stress. Your body is going through enough right now. Good luck to you.

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