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Suki's update


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Hi all. It's your MIA Bunny. I just wanted to let you know how phenomenally Suki is doing. She took a 'day job' in a furniture showroom to ease the pressure of being in business for herself (designer/space planner) and she was really worried about how she'd be able to handle it with one lung. Well. From my vantage point, anyway, she is better than ever! If anything, she appears to have more energy and stamina. I always felt she was too sedentary but would never say that to her, given what she's been through. But this has been great to see - she's really thriving. She still gets winded coming up to my 3rd floor walk-up apartment, but that's to be expected. It's such a mircacle to see, given where she was 18 months ago.

As for me, I having some struggles but am doing OK. Cooking Suki's first grandbaby (it's a boy!) has proven a little, er, different than expected. I found yesterday that I will have to be on bedrest for 9 weeks, after a month on/off. I'll spare y'all the medical details, but I am now a full-time incubator. Suki has indicated that, although she wishes it didn't have to be this way, she is grateful for an opportunity to take care of me, for a change. I'm just glad she's around to do it. David the Irish is a godsend as well.

So far, we haven't figured out an easy way for me to be on the computer for long period while laying down (I can get up to pee and shower every two days and that's it! OY!) but once we do I hope to be able to hang out here a little more.

I am still doing everything I can for our fabulous NYC walk coming up on May 20, 2007.

Love to all of you, you're always on my mind if not my computer screen.


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I am glad to hear Suki is doing well Amie. I think I know what your are going through with your pregnancy. My daughter in law had to do the bed rest thing too. Just try to be patient and get through it. My daughter in law, Tracy, gave birth to a really cute little girl (Chloe) last May. She likes to grab my beard and chortles when she pulls it and I start laughing.

Don M

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So good to hear from you. Such wonderful news about Suki and you with a baby bunny on the way.. how wonderful. I am however sorry to hear that pregnancy has been so hard on you. You just keep dreaming of motherhood. It will be here before you know it and then you will want some of those hours back to sleep and rest. Prayers coming your way, as always.

Love & prayers,


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So glad to here from you bunny honey! Suki is amazing, she always was. I am glad she is taking care of you.

You just rest and know that we are here thinking of you and that little baby boy of yours.

Take care my friend, and come back when you can.

Love ya,

Maryanne :wink:

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Wow--you can only pee every two days???? Doesn't that hurt?

Sorry, couldn't resist a little joke. :wink:

Glad your mom is doing so well and sending good thought your way for you and your little hatchling. somehow I think it's a lot easier for mamma bird sitting on the nest, but creating a new life--how precious!

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