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Squamous cell stage IV

Shelley (MLC)

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Hi everyone. I have been looking into 2nd line treatment options for my mom. She is currently only in the middle of 1st line treatment, and is doing very well, but I like to be prepared. I read everyone's history at the bottom of their posts, but not everyone with NSCLC includes whether they have squamous, adeno, etc. I believe that certain chemo agents cannot be used in squamous cell (ie avastin), so I'm looking for people here that have squamous cell. I know that I am looking into this a little early and hopefully, she won't need 2nd line for awhile, but I'd like to know what options are out there so that when the Dr presents us with his opinion, I'll have a little knowledge base. As always, thanks so much! Shelley

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Ya got My researcher side going right now so here goes, Vinorelbine;

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/quer ... xed=google


http://www.future-drugs.com/doi/abs/10. ...

Etoposide Cisplatin combo;

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/quer ... t=Abstract

Thats all I can locate for now but hope it helps somewhat.

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I did some research on that for my father. In his case we did not know the type of NSCLC he had. The original bronchoscopy did not check that and later our doctor did not consider it necessary to check. I asked about and he said that in Europe squamous cell is more common but even with it they use Avastin unless the cancer is centrally located and ulcerated

(bleeding) or there are brain mets. As for the usual types of chemo: I think there is practically no research on the activity in different types although recently there are some noises coming about treatments of BAC.

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My dad had squamous cell. He too responded very well to the first line of treatment, but unfortunately after that, his response was not what the doctors had hoped. He was given 6 months to a year, and he made it just over 13 months.

My dad's bio below shoud do a pretty good job with indicating which chemo's he took, but if you need to know anything else, please don't hesitate to ask.


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Thanks to all for your responses so far. Please keep them coming! Randy, I appreciate you putting on your research hat for me. I'll look into the links you sent. Jamie, I believe that Tarceva WILL be an option and I hope that it works as well as it has on many others here. I was not sure if the Dr. would be recommending another chemo combo BEFORE suggesting Tarceva. Such a learning curve here! Shelley

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I don't have much info on second line treatments, 'cause Mom is still on her first treatment regimen.

She has squamous cell stage III. because of her advanced age. she was going to have just chemo, but her radiation oncologist recommended both.

Originally she was gonna have carbo/taxol, but she had a reaction to the taxol. there was then talk of Gemzar/carbo, but when the radiation decision was made, they went with carbe/etopside.

That seemed to work very well for her. everything has shrunk considerably, and her most recent pet shows NED. THey're thinkng about surgery to remove whatever remains potential vibrant in the tumor, but the jury's still out on that one.

Feel free to email any time if you need more info.


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