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"Old Yaller Mississippi Mud"


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A young Red Neck Couple got married and on there Honey moon they rented a Cabin by the ol mississippi.

Night fall came and Reuben was all ready for his first honey moon nite. Well he got ready fer bed and could not find his bride LuLu.Reuben got up and after searching for a short time found LuLu sitting on a tree stump with a worried look on her face. Reuben ask her what were the problem and after some thinking LuLu replied, Reuben i'm ashamed for you to see my toes as when i was a young girl i spent so much time walking barefoot in that old yaller mississippi mud that my toes are spread out so wide that i'm afraid you'll laugh and not want me.Well ol Reuben he tell's her not to worry and come on to the wedding bed.

Well the next morning LuLu wake's up with no Reuben in bed and goes looking for him. She find's ol Reuben setting on the ol tree stump his head in his hand's a groaning.LuLu ask poor ol Reuben what's a bothering him. After Reuben think's for awhile he look's up at dear sweet LuLu and ask's" LuLu when you was a playing in that old Yaller mississippi mud did you sat alot in it???

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