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Getting to Know You - April 18


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Well I had 5 sisters and 3 brothers. I was in the middle. I felt left out a lot, because it was always the 4 oldest can do this, or the 4 youngest can do that. I have wonderful parents though, I am not complaining. I had a lot of competition. I was and still am the Black Sheep. What can you expect..I have a brother that is a priest and 2 sisters that are nuns. It is hard to compete with that.

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I am the youngest, and the first to "do everything"...so I have been a bit spoiled, but only since I've become an adult! LOL I was the first married, had the first grandchild (on both sides of the family!), etc. My sister (who's the oldest of us three kids) was the next and complained to Mom that she got hand-me-down baby stuff from her YOUNGER sister! Growing up, though, I always thought my sister got spoiled...so I guess it's our brother in the middle who got left out!

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