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My Mom's Oncologist


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Everyone knows the power of positive attutide, but the thing that has gotten my mom so far in her fight this last year has been her oncologist.

When she was first diagnosed, there was a doctor filling in for the oncologists she was going to have -- it was over a weekend. We knew no one to request, so we were taking who the hospital gave us. This doctor gave her a very grim outlook, not much information, pretty cold, and we were devastated.

Very early that Monday morning (5:30 a.m. or so), the actual oncologist she was going to have came in. He put his hand on hers and said, "I think I can make you better". She loved him from that point on, and he sure kept his word.

Now, much to our dismay, although he's only 52 years old, he is RETIRING!!!!!! We are in Pittsburgh and he says he needs more sun. My mom is so upset, she teased him at the last doctor appointment she is following him to Florida (where is he moving to). She's even offered to follow him around with a sunlamp!

Her surgeon was good, too, but this oncologist is exceptional. His name is Felixberto Lim and he's with the UPMC Cancer Center/Hillman Cancer Center in Pittsburgh.

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The right Dr. makes ALL the difference! Luckily we knew ours before dx (his kids go to school with mine, and his wife volunteered at the school cafeteria with my mom). Mom loves him and is very comfortable / confident in her treatment.

Good luck to your Mom in her search for a new onc. Prayers that God will lead her to another great one!

:) Kelly

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I can't tell you how much I agree about having a truly exceptional oncologist. My husbands' oncologist was absolutely incredible. He truly cared and was so very concerned about all of us. He was very straight forward, which we respected and he would call our home to see how Carlton was doing. When Carlton was in his final month and when he first went into his coma, his dr. came down to icu and talked with our girls about their daddy, he told them he would always be there for them and me.

After Carlton died, I hadn't heard from him, he was on vacation and his wife was sick, when he did call, and I knew he was going to call, I was so overwhelmed and he said that he respected me tremendously, and that he knew that our daughters would grow up to be very strong women. He told me his door was always open and he wanted me to come and visit him and wanted to know about Carlton the person ( oh he knew about him, but not some of the "stories" of Carltons' life)

I eventually got up the courage and saw him about a week and a half ago, it was so nice, brief, but I wanted him to know and tell him in person thank you, and that I will come by and we will have that chat.

I tell everyone if ever they had to deal with cancer, any kind, any level.....I would send them immediately to him....


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