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Just got back from Las Vegas!!


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hello everyone....

it has been awhile since I last posted and its going to take some time to get all caught up on everyone!!

we promised dad that we would go as a family to las vegas to celebrate his treatment ending and so that is exactly what we did. my sister and I just got back today but my parents are staying a few extra days. while we were there they hit a jackpot on a PENNY machine and walked away with $4000!! we were all quite shocked at this. thankfully they are continuing to be successful because they sure could use it, my dad is self employed and so he has been out of work pretty much since april.

it was so much fun and we had a wonderul time together.

when dad gets back he is scheduled to have some tests run at the end of the month to see if there is any change since treatment began. I dont want to get my hopes up but I think that the tumor may have shrunk. I think this because he lost his voice from the tumor being so large that it damaged his vocal chord but lately it is almost 100%. he looks and feels good, so this is what I am praying for. we will know the results on Oct.31.

in the meantime my sister and I have to begin packing because we bought a house together and move in on Dec.2...lots to do!!

I hope that everyone here is experiencing success in their battles. hugs and prayers.


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It sounds like you all had a wonderful time on vacation!!! I just got back from Las Vegas myself -- it really is the place to go to forget your troubles (at least for a little while!). Way to go on that penny machine -- I was not so lucky! :?

Sending prayers your way that your dad's test come back with good results!

Take care,


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