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Tumor reduction, nearly gone, new intense pain??

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So about 2 weeks ago a CT scan showed 2 tumors missing (one from each lung) just small "residue" remaining.

Then about half a week ago a new pain in the lower left lung (which had/has plurea effusion) has moved towrds the front of her lung. Pain is begining to intensify and is a constant 5, then about a 7 with deep breath, all while under narcotics for pain 24-7.

The onc isnt planning any further chemo (IV) possible Traceva orally if and when growth is found. He stated what we have had in reduction is what we'll get from the chemo, no point in putting her thru more. AMEN ( I hate chemo ) He offered it was hard to tell in the effusion area if she had scar tissue, fibrosis or cancer in the thinkiening he did find on the CT scan. No fluids.

Oncology to her to wait till Tuesday (6 days) to come in if it got worse. Her onc was out of town today. Another Onc looked at her CT scan and records and called her back and just told her the same info her Onc said and what I gave you here ( he just read her records and repeated his colleauges findings basically)

Any thoughts? Anyone have something simular happen? I told her if the pain intensifies on a constant plain we go in to ER here in our town. (We are 30 minutes from her Oncologist, with a weekend coming up).

Your thoughts are welcomed... AND NEEDED RIGHT NOW!!


Beat it!!

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Well it is great that the ct showed tumors missing. I agree with you if the pain is intense to go to the ER. Maybe if there is fluid they can drain it??? I am not too sure about it, but I would want the pain examined. It stinks when weekends get in the way. Can you call the oncologist and try to get her in tomorrow?

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I would definitely try to get some questions answered before you go into the weekend and have a more difficult time finding a real person. That was something that was very frustrating to me because my hubby had some very painful complaints and the oncologist would ask my hubby why he was having these pains and wouldn't do anything about any of them. Who's the doctor? If we knew what was causing them, why would we have asked? You have a need to know what is causing your mom's pains and ask if someone can please give some answers and offer some help for the problem.

At least if you need to take her to the ER, they most likely will find the problem and probably anything else going on too.

Best wishes for your mom and of course you too.


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