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Cancer is now in Mom's brain.....

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Hi everyone, I haven't updated recently since there wasn't much to update - mom has been doing well on the Tarceva for the past year, I gave birth to a beautful baby girl Feb 16th, mom got her scan results back the following week and they found a tumor in her right frontal lobe of the brain. They recommended whole brain radiation which she finished a few weeks ago. We had our follow up MRI and CT yesterday, her lungs and chest look "GREAT" according to the doctor, the Tarceva is still working after a year later. But the Brain MRI is now showing multiple white spots and neither the radiation guys or the lung doc can say what they are. The lung doc has to consult with a neourolgist oncologist to get his expert opinion, he's not sure what it is. So we are extremely worried that it is more cancer, I just can't beleive our luck! She only had one tumor a month ago, after undergoing Whole Brain Radiation for one tumor, then she gets multiple in a matter of one month?!? Doesn't make sense, so I'm hoping and praying it's something else and not the cancer. Has anyone else had a Brain MRI and had this happen? I guess I assumed these people had seen everything and could tell us what it is. Anyway, I still check in all the time and pray for you all, I just didn't have much to update until now.

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What a beautiful little girl!! Congratulations to you and "grandma"!

It sounds like your mom has the same habit of stumping the doctors that my mom's had and I know the worries that go along with it. I have no great advice for you and no idea what the white spots may be...but I have lots of prayers on the way for you and your mom during this time of waiting. Please let us know what you find out.

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I don't have any experience with this. I just wanted to give my support and I really hope it's something else going on. To just finish up a treatment, then find something is very frustrating, to say the least.

I hope the best for your mom. (And congrats on the beautiful baby!)

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