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Zeolite anyone?


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Teri have you done a search on this yet?? I do know that some info is here in the boards somewhere. Not neccesarily who uses it but general info on the subject. Just a thought though.

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Hey Teri! I did some research on Zeolite and have to say that it *seemed* like the only information I could find was from advertisements. I was interested in finding something that was the secret wonder cure but became skeptical when I read somewhere that there was no known benefit in the treatment of cancer.

Also, as a side note, the place I was telling you about that does hyperthermia, the doctor there is involved in a number of law suits for negligence, so I didn't bother sending you the link, sorry. I will PM you soon but I have been sorta away.


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Thanks everyone. I was *talking* to Bobby earlier about this. It's not that I think there's truly a magic cure out there for sale online, but it makes sense that something might help as adjunct therapy.

Every time I hear of something that sounds promising, I'm curious if anyone has tried it. I read about it yesterday -- I didn't think I was reading an advertisement. But thinking about it now, maybe it actually was a cleverly disguised ad and I didn't have my discerning filter on.

Thanks Melinda about the hyperthermia info too.

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