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And the Good News Is!

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Mom's right, cancer-scarred lung finally collapsed totally.

Seems weird, but it really is a good thing.

The last few months the coughing and SOB has been really bad for her. Confusion and other issues related to hypoxia and now that the bad lung has collapsed she is breathing better and not coughing at all....even has to use her O2 less too!

Doc says that now since the lung has no blood flow her body is not having to work double time to reoxegenate the blood.

She had 2 small tumors in her good lung last PET and now those are gone too!

Now, if we can just get this pesky plural effusion to scram we will be in business!

Just wanted to share that sometimes goodness comes in strange packages-

Blessings to all-


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A strange, "great to hear" to you...

I get why it's good...only here do you hear stuff like "good news your tumor hasn't grown" and "glad to hear you are going to have surgery" and now add, "congrats on the collapsed lung."

We should start a thread of "only we get why this is good" isms.

Either way though, truly happy to hear of the comfort that comes with this event.

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I am glad she is doing better. Just want to let you know to be careful of infection now that the lung has collapsed. Our onc explained that it is a great place for bacteria to grow and John has to make sure he gets antibiotics if he has even a hint of a lung infection before it turns into pneumonia.


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