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I Hate the "appliance" (for women)

Donna G

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Today I was thinking that every women I have ever met who has had a thorocotomy does not enjoy wearing the "appliance". I really believe if any one has the talent to invent a bra that does not sqeeze a women around the chest right on the post op scar she could make a million or at least a lot on money! I have done a search on Google and find one million and one hits about post op bras but all for post op Mastectomies except one site they mentioned thorocotomy. It was a site for ostomy nurses so----I sent the site address to my friend Mary who is an ostomy nurse hoping that she can get on that site and find info. Would be really happy for info if any of you have found a site or place that handles comfort for us bras. Thanks

Problem defined:

Post-Thoracotomy Pain Syndrome

Post-thoracotomy pain syndrome usually results from surgical trauma or fibrosis of the intercostal nerves. Thoracotomy is one the more painful procedures that a patient can undergo, and is one that is more commonly associated with long term pain. The pain is typically a neuropathic pain, usually in the distribution of the affected intercostal nerve. An important point, however, with the development of pain after a thoracotomy that has been performed for oncologic reasons, is that tumor recurrence must be ruled out. Management of the pain is similar to other neuropathic pain states, with the use of tricyclic antidepressants and anticonvulsants. The intercostal nerves are fairly accessible, and long term pain control can be achieved with repetitive local anesthetic and steroid blocks. For cancer patients with limited life expectancy, i.e., tumor found to be unresectable at the time of thoracotomy, implantation of an epidural portacath for home epidural infusion can be of undeniable benefit.

Donna G

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I'm with you.

Given the added problem of the dropping shoulder due to the missing collarbone, the only ones that will stay up are sports bras.

At this point in time I am glad I am almost flat as a board, especially because, due to the reconstruction a la Goretex to replace all those missing in action ribs, one on that side points out and down past my left foot someplace.

It could always be worse.

I think that every time I see picasso's picture of the face with too many eyes going in all directions.

What if my surgeon had been a big fan of Picasso? I could have woken up with more than two, ALL out of alignment.

That's a funny mental image.

Usually adds some levity to my contemplations...



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I just stopped by but had to tell you that I'm cracking up over here. I remember you posting about 'the appliance' 3 years ago- we were whining about it then, are still whining about it and most likely will be 3 years from now. Dam torture device!!!

I still say that whenever you have a thoractomy (sp?), they should throw a boob job in for free so you don't have to worry about wearing an ummm appliance again.

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I wore a mastectomy bra a few months after surgery - hooks in the front like a sports bra but doesn't have the uni-boob issue.

Back to underwires, need the support and have to weigh the back pain against the rib pain... Weekends are when I go with Maxine "The best bra is a sweatshirt".

...and I recently heard it stressed that sleeping in a bra helps keep a gal from saggin'...AS IF!

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Oh Good God, I have to wear that thing all day, and there's no way in God's green earth I would even dream of wearing it to BED! :shock::roll::wink:

I'm a Maxine fan as well. Less is better!

But, I will say I just went and bought 3 NEW appliances. Yep, I got three new bumper shoots! So far so good. :D I bought playtex! I'm impressed so far!!! 8)

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Way to go Donna! The first thing I take off when I get home after work is the bra and then the shoes. It used to be the shoes! If I had more talent I would invent some type of harness!LOL I wonder if small breasted woman have the same pain issue or is it not as bad?

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May not be my place but also

have problems.

breast cancer, operated seven

times in one breast.....

Broke two ribs on the same side,

so restricted with bra wearing.

At my age (79) sagging is there

so still can't find a good bra

that I can wear all day.

Should get an engineer to design

one, there is a lot of money for

the right appliance or apparatus.


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