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Now we have a Bone Scan

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Well the intense pain coming from my MIL's lower left lung has the Onc giving two theroies, after others where ruled out. One is that the cancer had spread to the bone, prior to the tumors reduction. Two, that there is a nerve entangled in scar tissue, for which there would not be a cure, only pain management.

So neither option is really comforting. He has increased the pain medication and the Bone Scan is in progress as I type.

Anyone relate? Experiences with mets to the bone?

The pain is really intense, just watching her slide down in a chair you can see the pain,its like lightening shooting from one side to the other of her face.

You know they say "Only the good dye young" maybe God says "Only the strong get cancer or caregive"

Feeling helpless

Beat it!!

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My bone pain didn't really "shoot". It was a constant burning ache, would be how I describe it. Not sure if that's the same for everyone. If it is bone pain, radiation helped me and took away 100% of my pain. I was taking 600mg Ibuprofen round the clock, plus 20 oxycontin in AM and PM, with the 5mg fast release used sometimes too. Now I'm not taking any pain medicine, and haven't since my radiation was complete. Good luck - hope she figures this out and gets some relief.

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Actually that is her discription also, burning pain. I meant that I could see her pain shooting across her face. It's great to hear radiation took care of your pain!! I am wondering since her burning pain is in the same location as the tumor was if they can do radiation for her given they declined radiation in that area the first time?

oh, the constant wondering. I sincerly appreciate your response its encouraging!!

Beat it!!

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