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Aw crap doesn't exactly say it all but it's a start.

Today it was confirmed that I have breast cancer - a bugger isn't it! I'm still reeling from this bit of news, when I had the biopsy yesterday the dr said it appeared to be a malignancy but gave us a little hope that it was not. Anyway he called this morning and confirmed the dx so I'm having another set of MRIs on May 7th and then see a surgeon on the 9th to set it all up.

This was not in my plans for the summer but it is what it is and wringing my hands will not change a bloody thing, so I'm not wasting my time on that. This is not to say I've not been having a pity party here in the last 24 hours but times up on that one.

Right now it seems that I'm looking at a lumpectomy and radiation which, while not to be dismissed as nothing, won't be anything like the sclc tx so I figure I can handle it ......... brave words which I hope won't come back to bite me on the butt!!! :):):)

One final word - Thank God for Susan G Komen and her supporters for all their efforts........but I'm still pissed at all those pink ribbons, where are all the clear ones!


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sigh................Well, I have a response, but I am certain Katie would be on it lickety split and have it deleted :? due to language content :roll: .

You are not a hand wringer.................so how about you let me be it. I am quite an expert at it! Yes, we are thankful for the pink ribbons now, aren't we? Hopefully, you will have results like my friend here who has just come out of her bc ~ lumpectomy and radiation with little to no side effects and a clean bill of health. She is taking a pill....can't recall the name, but has been given every indication she is a total success.

Now because I know you try to find humor in every situation I offer this...........if you combine your CLEAR ribbon with the PINK one ~ maybe the clear will show up a bit better. OR........you could put CLEAR with RED to make a beautiful pinky color.

But now seriously, Geri, you know I will be your biggest and most vocal cheerleader through this. But I PROMISE...............I won't tell you I'm going to visit :wink: !


Love, prayers, support, and strength friend


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Holl, Shot, Crop, Domn, and every other damnable word I can think of. What the holl is this with C that it strikes the same people more than once.

Geri, wear your pink ribbon proudly. I will add one next to my clear one. I have many friends, including my sister, who have lumpectomied and radiated that damn beast and have survived to continue this party called life.

My thoughts are headed your way.

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Well...I'm with the rest of 'em with not knowing which cuse word would work the best here! :roll::evil: Son of a witch comes to mind. But out of all honesty, this really SUCKS! I know we can say that!!!!!

Okay, so pink isn't all that bad! Maybe not your color but if it means a cure then Pink it is!

I'm sorry that this is happening to you Geri. It's just not fair damnit! (little by little I'm getting my licks in on words)

As much as I HATE to say this, at least its something that's more cureable then LC. I hope it is! The % rate is so much better then then the LC % rates if we want to look at %'s. This is one time that stats look pretty good!



Hang in there! Have you got room at your pitty party for those of us that want to join in with you? Open the Flood Gates and let it out!

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I am so sorry about this booby news. Not fun I know. But you did make it through some touch treatments before ..hoping this will be a piece of cake. Thank goodness for you insisting on the MRI. I never would have thought of it.

One question...is this awful stuff on the same side you had radiation before? AT least I think I remember radiation in your profile.

Keeping you in my prayers Geri. This will work out.


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I hate this news. Bullocks (is that how it's spelled?)

Seriously, I know you are strong and wonderful and a fighter and will beat this thing lickity split...but it sucks all the same....

I'm so sorry......My prayers continue for you and your family. I just hate you having to go thru this.....

Keep us posted. Let us be here for you.




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I'll "aw crap" right along with everyone else. This really bites for you, Geri...and I'm so sorry you're having to go through some more treatment! :cry:

As far as the ribbon goes...how bout a pink and clear candycane stripe? LOL I already have my pink ribbon from all the years of support for the Susan G. Foundation because of my best friend's mother. But, like you, it's seriously driven me mad over the years seeing it take off...and there sits our "lowly" clear.

Much love and many prayers, Geri...I'm thinking of you today and always and wishing speedy healing and successful treatment! xoxo


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Geri--#@*%! Knock the you-know-what out of something if it will make you feel any better. My mom had a lumpectomy and radiation seven years ago and she ways they were a piece of ckae compared to what she is going through now, but the emotional toll it takes on you is every bit as bad--even with all those pink ribbons waving in the breeze.



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Oh Katie, fancy you using that word :oops::oops::lol: (it's spelt bollocks)!

Thanks guys, I knew you'd all be in my corner. Sorry Connie, the pity party's over but join me in some cheers that it's ductal and not hormonal.

It's onward and upward from here and I like the idea of combining the pink and clear and long as the pink stripe is VERY thin!!!!!

You're all the best, you're the only reason I can think of that would make my lc an asset, your support means the world to me.

I love you all.


ps Kasey you CAN come to visit........just don't leave it too long! :lol:

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