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Sorafenib as a 3rd line for SCLC


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Always thinking ahead...

Wondering if anyone out there has tried Sorafenib as a 3rd line for SCLC. It's indicated for use for advanced renal cell cancer, but apparently has extended uses outside of its approved indications.

I had occasion to speak with a researcher/lung cancer specialist from UCLA (I attended a lecture). Seizing the opportunity, I told him about Bill and his current treatment. He mentioned to me that he has one patient who is doing excellent on this drug, Sorafenib for a 3rd line. He reiterated that this is ONE patient, and also advised that Bill should stay on Topotecan for as long as it works.

I know I'm always wanting a "what's next" in my back pocket, so I thought I'd share that and see what anyone else knows too.

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Hello Teri,

Hoping today is a good day for you and Bill. I have not heard of that drug for 3rd line treatment. It seems that Topotecan may not be working for my Bill. He has had 2 cycles and had CT's. He has a 1.8 cm lymph node with mets and I'm still waiting on the CT abd/pelvis. He also has a 1 cm lytic lesion in the skull with mets. I don't want to second guess our Dr, but I did question Dr West to see what his thoughts were. See Onctalk.com under SCLC....spinal accessory lymph node. Didn't look to promising to me. From his response I took it as there isn't a promising 3rd line at this time, at least not one that he recommended. I don't blame you for the "what next" questions. There isn't much we can read on the web that is that promising. I need to practice what I preach and "Keep the faith"

Blessings, Laurie

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I feel the need to clarify that the doctor didn't suggest that this was a "new" treatment plan on the horizon. Just that he's using it successfully on one sclc patient as a 3rd line, and that it's worth considering after Topotecan no longer works (if there is no clinical trial that offers more promise). I posted it so that people could ask their doctors about it, if appropriate. I don't want to risk misinforming here -- it's too critical.

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Hi Teri,

I did ask our Onc about this chemo and he said it's not for Bill. Didn't explain why, but did say the third line, if needed, will be Camptosar. Bill will start a new combination on the 23rd. He is not looking forward to it at all. There don't seem to be enough trials out there for SCLC. Stinks, doesn't it.

Hope today is a good day for you and Bill.


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http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct/search?ter ... Word=celll

Over 177 total trials for different combos and currently recruiting trials. There is link for locations of trials as well.

Sorafenib. I can not find anything by doing an on site search but I do know that we had a member Carleen whose hubby Keith had done ok on it for a few months. Keith has since passed away as Carleen has had to move on in lifes journey. Have not heard from her for several months now. :(

If I can heko with anyhting let me know, ok??

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