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Seems to be increasing in frequency. Not anything that has created problems but each immediate family memeber is able to clam more than a couple instances of memory loss. We hate to say confusion as that seems to strong and not the case.

Cant find a true connection on-line between vicadin and oxycotin side effects. I thought maybe that was a link. I know mets to the brain are common but we have substansial reduction in tumors (still even 1/2 week ago), Almost 7 weeks out from last chemo treament and just now we are seeing this.

Continuing to monitor, will take to onc if it continues. Any ideas?

Beat it!!

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If it's increasing then I would maybe see if he needs a brain MRI from his Onc Doc. And yes it could very well be chemo brain. Chemo brain can stay with us for a very long time. In some cases it never goes away. After looking over your dad's profile it very well could be chemo brain. I see he has been on chemo for some time now off and on.

But I would opt for an MRI if it were me. Did anyone mention this memory issue to your dad's doctor? It's always best to be safe and have peace of mind. Anytime your unsure the best thing to do is call and see what the doc has to say.

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I don't know - I'm 3 weeks out from my last treatment and my memory is kind of bad (and I'm only 30). For example, if I have a few things to do each day, I have to continually repeat them to myself so I don't forget one of them. My husband also says he tells me stuff that I forget. I would say it's my short term memory that's affected. I haven't had my brain checked since October, but my vision has been fine, no headaches, and I don't think I'm confused. I'm pretty good at monitoring this sort of thing for myself, I think, because I'm paranoid about what the next bad thing is going to be. That's my long way of saying I'm pretty sure I don't have brain mets, but I am forgetful and I'm blaming the chemo.

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We blame the chemo for my mom's forgetfulness. We actually have not let her know how much she repeats herself or asks the smae question---we just try to be patient. I brought it up recently with this hospitalization, and now she is more aware and upset about it.

Here's hoping it will be a short-term effect for our loved ones!

:) Kelly

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I posted a while ago about this same thing. Harry suddenly "forgot" how to tell time one day, etc.....

It was scary, for both of us.

It seems to have passed now though, so maybe it's just something that happens every so often??? Their poor bodies have got to be totally worn out--at least I know Harry's is.

As soon as he started feeling a little better, the episodes quit..

I hope it works out the same for you guys!

Take care ,


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Chemo Brain? Another chemo side effect I would guess?

Yeah we've got narcotics for pain too...... Nothing too serious with the memory it is looking like over some time now. I mean she knows everyone and seems lucid. You just never know when "it's all gonna hit the fan" if you know what I mean........

As always I appreciate all the input, this place is so comforting.

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Yes, another side effect of chemo (chemo brain) is.

It causes us to be forgetful, wheepy, touchie, amoung many many other things. I even forgot during my chemo how to spell the word THE and the word FIRST and things like that. It's even more frustrating for those of us who go through it. We feel like our brain stopped working. :?:wink:

Glad to hear she's doing better.

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