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Update and Concerned and Not Knowing what to do...

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Hello All,

I came back to Ohio a week ago. My mother was in serious pain that you cannot imagine. My wonderful stepfather has been doing his best and I feared for his collapse.

We decided to hospitalize her last Wed to get the pain medication in order. She has not been able to walk for a number of weeks now. He told me a week ago that prognosis was 30-60 days. She is doing much better on a morphine drip and methadone pills.

We are going to have to approach Hospice in the next couple of days. She will not take well to that and thinks that Alimta will really do something. I was hoping to get things organized before I returned to home on the West Coast, but I wonder should I stay?

Something really great....my Mom has tons of great friends. They are going to do her birthday a few days earlier, and it looks like we are going to have it in the hospital. They said they can work with that....and there will be 12-15 people to celebrate! I am hoping I can make it through all that without crying, because it is so special and Mom just loves a party.

Thanks Much for listening to me.

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I think it is great that the party can go on. What better way to show love and support from everyone? It is OK if you cry. I know that through the last few days with my hubby when his friends had come into town and then family, the experiences were beautiful but so surreal and I laugh-cried through the whole time. It was so intense that I had to write about it in the midst of the evenings, but very special and unforgettable. I hope it all goes well and I am so sorry that you are going through this in the first place.

My thoughts are with you and family.


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Beth--first of all, I'm so sorry that you guys are nearing this point. It is just so hard and hurts so much. I am very happy to hear that your Mom has such wonderful friends and I know this party will be special for her.

As for whether to stay or head back to the WC, from my own experience I never regretted time I chose to stay near Mom. I do have mixed feelings about some trips I took away from her not knowing just how close the end was.

So... do what your heart tells you. Do what will leave you without regrets.

(((((hugs))))) to you.

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