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new here...

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well Im new here you can call me Kg (it is easier) and yet I dont have a definite diagnosis yet... just the feelings and the statements that the Dr's have givin me.

My Father is 68yrs old. he complained of back pain for several weeks and I finally got him to see my Dr. he has several chronic bad habits and it prompted me to write a note to my Dr outlining them. since the pain was in his back an since the Dr hadnt ever seen him before we were able to sneak in all kinds of tests including a Xray for his back which was where the pain was but also his Chest since he has smoked for decades. after the Xrays came back the Dr was able to confirm that he had a compression fracture of the vertabrae. But he also had a triangular spot on his lung and wanted a CT scan done as well. since we were trying to hurry things along since Dad usually goes to CA for the Spring and Summer. they did the CT said they'll send a report in 48 hours...(I took a copy of the films home with me so if dad did leave he could take them to a dr in CA) Not an hour after having the CT done did our Dr call saying to come in in the morning to discuss things.(WARNING BELL #1) so I pulled those lovely films out and started going thru them...every picture that I compared to the internet I freaked myself out over... he has a lg mass in the Lung as well as spots on/in the liver...

Upon going to the dr to get ct results he has 2 referals. one to biopsy the lung and the second for a cancer dr. (warning bell #2) but no one so far has said yes this is cancer... come on I mean really before all these cool tests there was old fashioned training and know how right? cause they want official results...MINDBOGGLING... so we go see the biopsy dr he is the only one to without the actuall cell results to say yes this LOOKS like cancer.... but we wont know about the liver till after a confirmed results on the lungs. (Warning bell #3)

I knew something was going on with him hes lost sooo much weight and his memory has diminshed severly he can remember yrs ago but cant remeber yesterday... or in the case of the biopsy even why he was there.

sooo many things to do and I dont know where to start because I dont know what it is, how far its spread, is it treatable or even how long he has.

so Im gonna poke around in here and see if I can find some answers & ask some questions maybe find some peace.

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Hi Kg,

This is a great support place. Sounds like your dad might need a MRI also but I am sure the doctors will order one of them soon. It is great to be able to know what the doctor is talking about before hand so that you can ask questions there and then, so research as much as you can and ask as many questions as you want right here.


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I go to the same Dr I initially took my dad to. Today I needed some scripts filled and wanted something to help me sleep.

after talking to him (cause I was sick as a dog when my hubby took my dad to get the CT referals) he gave me the letter to try to refund his flight money to go back to CA. he has also stated that I should not let him travel anywhere alone as he is a "sick sick man" we discussed the fact that my He (Dr.) does feel the mass will turn up cancerous it is just a matter of confirming the type. he also confirmed that yes it does appear that he has several "METS" as he called them in both sections of the liver. and feels that he is more than likely in stage 4... but that is something only the cancer Dr can confirm.

I told him the story of him not being able to remember why he was seeing the biopsy dr and asked about the possibility of it having gone to his brain... he said the cancer dr will probly order a head CT but if he doesnt to let him know and he would do it for us. he did say that it could be a form of dementia.

so armed with my sleeping meds I attempt to takle a new day tomorrow.

Hmmmm thinking this should get moved over to My story section...

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Hi, Kg!

Looks like you've got things under control, as any Kaneohe girl would. The fact that you're living somewhere else now doesn't change that a bit!

[For those who don't know, Ka-ne-o-he is a town on the windward (northeast) side of Oahu. There's a Marine Corps base there by the same name.]

You should put some of that great narrative into a chronological "profile" of symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, test results, etc. so you won't have to repeat the background every time you post. Click "My Profile" at the top, scroll down to "Signature," enter/update your information, and ensure "Always attach my signature" is marked "Yes." Will save you lots of time in the long run.

Welcome, best wishes, and a big Aloha from out this way!!


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Welcome Kg...but sorry you've found yourself here.

It's a great place for information, support, friendship, and hope...among all the other things that are offered.

The amount of testing goes toward knowing the exact kind of cancer your dad (might) have and the extent of it...all of which they use in determining treatment course. I know it feels like a TON of "stuff" just for them to say "Yes, it's cancer" or "No, it's not"...but if it IS, the information is vital in getting proper treatment to kick cancer butt!

Many prayers coming for you and your dad...and thank the good Lord for sleeping pills!!! LOL

Hey Ned? Or Kg... Is there a syllable that's stressed or is it said just like that? ( I love these little lessons from Ned on the Hawaiian language!)

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Welcome aboard a great message board for support and understanding. Take some deep breaths and get thru what I am sure is currently a terrifying situation. If it is confirmed to be cancerous and they start him on radiation/chemo/surgery or whatever they think will be in your dads best interst ... just know that once treatment starts there is a type of peace that settles over a person. Now having said that ... realize that I was the patient and not a caregiver. I did not feel bad or panic again until they quit the chemo and the radiation. Now I play the every 3 month waiting game and try to maintain some normalacy and sanity to my live. Keep a good attitude because attitude and sense of humor can bring a person through some really tough trials and tribulations.

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