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Just a Quick Update...


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Well, I went and did it. I'm officially on leave from work through at least Thursday...more time to come with a phone call if it's needed. The only glitch is the money once the paid time is gone...but I've handed that over to my God to worry about for now. I really, truly believe that it will all work out somehow as long as I don't focus on it too much.


I've been doing the "avoidance" dance for the last 3 or 4 days. It seems like I can manage it all for a week, then have to take a sanity break. I feel guilty when I do because I know my stepdad doesn't GET sanity breaks. I hurt for him, too. :cry:

It seems that Friday Mom had a mild heart attack. *Sighs* It's not completely surprising to me as they've told us before that her heart was weakening considerably. She's still holding on, though...still kickin'. Amazing, strong, willfull woman that she is! :wink:

To go along with the wait and see stuff with Mom...the baby's kicking almost constantly for a couple hours a few times a day. I'm hoping that he'll start up when I'm up at Mom's so she can feel him moving. Then again...that makes me tear up, too. Talk about more of a rollercoaster than I ever expected!

My humor is intact, though fragile some days. It doesn't take much to send me into tears...but I'm making it. Mom was glad to hear that I'm still keeping up with those on here and sends her love and prayers and best wishes to those who've helped her on this journey.

My love and prayers to you all...

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Sounds to me like your Mom raised a pretty strong young woman. I bet she is very proud of you. I am happy to hear you took off from work, the money issue will eventually work itself out. God is good that way. I hope your Mom gets to feel the baby kick. You take care of yourself and keep us posted.



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