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I did it


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I just sent e-mail to the local paper and local television station telling them that I hoped they would feature lung cancer stories next month. There are pink ribbons all over town and breat cancer stories in the paper almost daily. I told both outlets that I would be happy to share lots of information. We'll see what comes of it.


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You go Becky!! Last night I attendend a symposium here in Ottawa entitled Lung Cancer: Charting a Course for the Future. It was well attended and at the end there was a wonderful success story told by a man who himself is a doctor and was at death's door (literally) some 2 years ago till the doctor in a last ditch attempt started him on Iressa. He hasn't looked back since that day.

I will follow in your footsteps as well and help the Clinic prepare for next month in any way I can. I go tomorrow to start radiation and will sign up then.

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