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Today is my anniversary


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29 years ago today, Earl and I got married. My whole family was at the house bustling around getting ready for the happy occasion.

I don't know why, but I am having a very tough time. I miss him. I miss both of my sisters who were there that day.

I am angry that Earl died so young and is not going to enjoy retirement.

Friends are taking me to dinner at the restaurant that Earl and I went to every Friday night, we called if we weren't coming. I am blessed to have wonderful children and amazing friends.

It is 32 months without Earl. The grieving is not as apparent, not as much of an open wound. But I think it has gone deeper, not sure if that makes sense.

I know my friends here understand today and I am always thankful for you.

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I will make a toast tonight to a couple that were so much in love and had such a wonderful life together. I know how your heart will be breaking today and how your mind will drift back to happier days. Try and remember only happy times!!!

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Happy Anniversary Gin and Earl!!! Fred and I will toast you this evening with our glasses of merlot. And of course, you are having a bit of a rough time today. I know you are just about ALWAYS a happy person...............from personal experience and from your answer to Ann's QOD........but sometimes ~ just sometimes ~ the heartache just gotta come through ~ and I believe that is a good thing.

You go and enjoy that dinner with your friends ~ they are lucky to have you! And you can bet that I'll be drinking with you right here :wink: in celebration of a special love between two very special people!

And BTW...........some time ago I finally got your Relay for Life site to work for me. Just wanted you to know I hadn't forgotten. For some reason it took several attempts, but I finally won!

I hope you will find reason to smile today, Ginny, you so deserve it!

Love and (((()))),

Kasey (Fred wants in on this too :lol: )

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Makes a ton of sense actually..an interesting way to put it which makes a lot of sense.

Well, I hope the day brings you comfort via your friends and that you can fondly remember all the good times.

Still, not the way you'd prefer. I know.

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What a wonderful idea to go to the restaurant where you and Earl shared such happy memories. I'll toast a glass of wine for both of you tonight. Thinking of you, Ginnie....

Warm Hugs,


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I am right behind you being without my John for 31 months now. He passed away on 9-30-04. I still grieve so much yet. I don't really know if it is apparent to others. I am surely not the same person. Our anniversary is coming up on the 17th and it would have been 27 years. Oh, how I miss him. I am grateful I have our children. And it is my job to see them grow up and be independent. And I love taking care of them. I see some of John in each of them. His outright laughter in our oldest, his wit in our second and his looks in our daughter. I hope you can find some peace. Some days I feel he is right beside me yet. He certainly is here in my soul and heart and mind. I still try to keep extremely busy. He is just missing so much. Take care. And take one day at a time and enjoy each day as it comes. I do really try to do that because as we well know, we don't know what tomorrow will bring. Carolyn

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You are so brave to go to places which hold so many memories of you and Earl.

I just don't think I could bare to go the restaurant that Dave and I frequented, It would just be too sad.

I understand just how you feel. I am keeping myself very busy too and trying to smile more but that ache , never goes away.

Hope you had a happy evening . God Bless, Paddy

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