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anyone who has had lung removed

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Does anyone who has had their lung removed also have copd and emphysema? My husband Joe has seen a surgeon who has proposed removing his lung. He is a very aggressive surgeon at Mt. Sinai in Manhattan. His name is Dr. Scott Swanson. Joe is concerned as to what shape will he be left in after. He has stage 3B non-small cell adano. The tumor is wrapped around the pulminary artery. The Doctor says he can re-route the artery. We are also concerned because Joe has had almost all his radiation and that increases his cances of complications during surgery and problems after. Any info would be helpful.

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I have only had the right upper lobe removed, tough at first just keep walking and building what lung you have up. I have a uncle who lost a lung in the war. He is now a mailman and walks everyday. Although he does not have COPD. But I do know there are breathing exercises to help with along with inhalers. GOOD LUCK.

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In my case, I had to have a pulmonary function test before we could even talk about surgery. I have some minor emphysema that showed up on my CT, and they want to make sure that surgery doesn't leave a person so breathing disabled that they are worse off after surgery than before. I think just about everyone has to have the PFT (pulmonary function test) prior to surgery.


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