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Waiting on test results is horrible....


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Harry has a cat scan and an MRI done tomorrow morning. (Friday, the 4th).

He hasn't had either test done for quite some time, so we're both a little "nervous", to say the least.

The bad thing is that we have to wait until the 11th for the results... it's like torture, and my imagination runs away with me, even though I "try" not to let that happen.

Please be crossing your fingers, toes, eyes, legs, etc., that his "head is still empty", and that the chemo and radiation - that have made him so very sick,- has shrunk the tumor into nothing-ness!

Thank you all,


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Crossing everything for you - Try to distract yourselves if you can. I try to schedule fun activities with the kids and hubby, since I'm still pretty active. If he's not feeling up to going out, maybe watch some funny movies together or order dinner in and have the kiddos over. Just a few ideas, that's the only way I get through testing time. Good luck!


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