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Happy Birthday Carlton


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I wish you were here, I can't believe you didn't make it to your birthday. The girls and I, well you know. I've been talking to you about it for a couple of days.

I could picture you coming down the stairs, in those sweats you stole from me, lol, and some t-shirt. I'd be tired, getting ready for bed, you, you were hungry, looking in the kitchen for something to eat. Then you would ask me to stay up with you for a while and just hang out for a while, how could I resist! I hardly ever did.

Oh we'd have "our fun" you know :D. and you who asked me to stay up, would quickly fall asleep, but that was ok by me, I knew where you were.

I just don't know where you are anymore. of course in my heart and the girls of course, who love their daddy so much, in theirs.

I love you Carlton, very much. I always did and always will.

Happy Birthday Baby!



(aka "the wife")

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It's been a very difficult day, we planted the flowers, cooked the steak and potatoes, and sat at the dining room table and placed pictures of Carlton where he would of been sitting.

It's just so sad, not fair, especially for our girls, children this young shouldn't have to grieve.


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Oh, it breaks my heart (((Grace))). I am so sad with you tonight and at the same time, I am glad you and the girls were able to celebrate him on his birthday. What better way to do it than the way you would have when he was still here? I am sure he was with you as you showed him again how much you love him on his birthday.

Peace and Hugs...Flowergirlie

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