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SO HAPPY TO FIND THIS GROUP!! My mother -in-law was diagnosed in Nov with Small cell lung cancer and has been undergoing chemo and radiation. She's having a rough tome right now - unable to eat, in pain, and back in hospital for 2nd time dehydrated. Hasn't had any treatments for 2 weeks but not seeing any improvements. Is this par for the course and just a road we will have to travel or something unusual. Thanks for your support in teh coming days.

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Hi Twinkle, I can't really give you too much information on SCLC, because my experience was with NSCLC. But, I really believe a positive attitude got me thru it all with minor side effects.

Hopefully, your m-i-l will make it a point to drink LOTS of water. I found out the hard way just how sick dehydration can make you. I never drank water. Now I constantly have a bottle close at hand and drink it all day. I think by the time you have effects, you're too dehydrated to be able to make it up just by drinking water. I thought I was going to die from chemo. Then when the drs heard my symptoms, they said I was only dehydrated. Seems to me, they should automatically give you extra fluids if this is so common with chemo. Or at least tell their patients this is a possibility.

Anyhow, welcome to this group. Sorry for the reason you found us, but you're now in a group that can be your best support and who understand what you are going thru.

Sending positive vibes to your m-i-l. JudyB

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Hi Twinkletoes,

I'm sorry to hear of your MIL's Lung Cancer. From my experience and seeing others on the board most end up in the hospital at some point in the journey... My Mom has SCLC My Mom was really sick on her fourth cycle of chemo. It could be the radiation.. many will probably respond with helpful info for you. My Mom was at the hospital constantly for about two months before she was finished and had clear scans.. If you give more detailed info on the pain, why she can't eat, blood counts, DX etc.. much more information can be given to you from others who have either been there or had a loved one go through it. I guess thats my answer.. Yes!!! its all part of the battle..

Keep the faith, take it one small battle/victory at a time and try to stay positive :D

((((((((((Hugs)))))))))) and blessing to you.


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Welcome to the board. I think you will find that the drugs they use for small cell lung cancer are about as "lethal" of chemicals as they use for anything.

Each person will react differently. Some people tolerate chemo better than others.

Unfortunately - You MIL is probably going through some "normal" side effects. Remind her and yourself that the side effects of the treatment is what is making her sick...not the cancer. I think remembering this is CRUCIAL to a positive attitude and a will to fight!

Make sure she understands the importance of drinking fluids. If she can't keep anything down, make sure her doctor is on top of it with medication. There are dozens of anti-nausea drugs and they CAN find one that will work for her.

Don't be afraid to ask questions of the doctor. If she can't or won't, is your husband taking an active role in her medical care?

Try to keep her from getting to the point of dehydration. And make sure the doctor is keeping an eye on her blood counts. Mike (my husband) who has small cell....had to have 3 or 4 transfusions when he was on the 'heavy duty' chemos. But what a difference they made. He would feel like a brand new man afterwards.

I gave Mike ice to suck on when the nausea was really bad. And I pushed water CONSTANTLY. Getting the chemo patient to eat something, anything is important too. Mike lived on chicken noodle soup and ice cream for weeks.

Remind your MIL that she has to eat to get well.

Just remember - someone needs to be a medical advocate for the patient. The patient will be too sick, too fatigued to ask the questions, to demand the attention from the doctor. Someone healthy and strong has to be researching the options and asking the tough questions!

Good luck and remember to pray.

Love and hugs,

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Thanks everybody. We are thankful MIL has a great support system. My Father-in-law is a wonderful care giver and very involved in asking questions etc. as far as meds go I don't know what all she's taking right now except they are trying different things to find what will work best for her. Everyone is just frustrated right now and of course questioning whether or not to continue treatments . Look forward to your advice as we travel this road! twinkletoes

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Twinkletoes, do you dance? Anyway, my wife took chemo and radiation at the same time last fall for NSCLC and it was almost impossible to keep up with enough liquid intake. She was hospitalized several times for dehydration and/or infections. Luckily, now we are just on chemo and she is doing a lot better. Good luck. Don

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Yup Don I'm a dance teacher. well here goes. Things are going a little better since MIL is getting fluids. Still having so much trouble eating, swallowing, and keeping food (even boost) down. Has tests scheduled for tomorrow. Found another spot on lung but don't know if its cancer or scar tissue from radiation. She had 23 radiation treatments and will probably not get anymore. DRs want her to finish up with 2-3 more chemo treatments. Any ideas on how long it takes for the burns to heal in the esophogus? Is it common to find these spots in the lung? Doing our best to keep MIL and FIL spirits up. Appreciate the prayers and kind words. Twinkletoes

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