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Missing Link Word Game


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Okay let me see if I can describe this so it can be understood by those of us with chemo brains. LOL

I would list three words such as:




The missing link is one word that when placed in front or behind the three words I listed makes sense. In this case the word I am envisioning as the missing link is RACE. It ties the other three together like this:

Race Car

Human Race

[/b]Race Horse

Does it make sense to anyone. It can be fun and really makes us use our brains and like they say if we don't use it we lose it.

So let me start off with:




Now can you guess the missing link?

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LOL way to go Maryanne ... actually the word I was thinking of was "top". Just goes to show you sometimes there is more than one way to "skin a cat" as my dad always said.

I believe the answer to yours is Picture. If so here are three new words. If not let us know and we shall continue to toss out guesses.




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