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Mother's prognosis: Six months or less to live

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Hello, all:

Today my mother (who was diagnosed with combined NSCLC and SCLC in early September of last year) had her long-term prognosis meeting with the onc after restaging, and the bone and liver masses are back (although mercifully the lungs appear clear). They're going to try her on another round of chemo with a cocktail of three different drugs (Cyclophosphomide, Vincristine, and Doxorubicin), but the onc has stated that in her opinion, there's a less than 10% chance that this will have any effect whatsoever.

So -- we have one last summer. But the time the snow falls again, she'll probably be gone.

My mother seems pretty much "down" with this: she's told me repeatedly that she's been mentally preparing herself for such a diagnosis over the eight months or so since the cancer was initially detected. Myself, I'm not so sure about. I go from feeling numb to having white-hot ripples of emotion -- sorrow, grief, growing panic -- and then back to being numb again. Fortunately we live in Canada where the costs of palliative care and palliative care drugs are covered by the government, but still, I'm in turmoil. I don't know what to do for my mother or what to do to keep myself on an even keel so I can help her as best I can.

Has anyone else had experience, good or bad, with the drug combination mentioned above?

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There are many people on this board who have been told they had only a few months and have smased those predications by living years. It's up to your mother, but if she wants to continue treatment and fighting she should be able to.


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Just wanted you to know I'm including you and your family in my prayers.

Also to tell you that my husband and I have never even asked the doctor for any "time frames"..... We figure they are only making educated "guesses", and that if we researched it ourselves, that our guess was as good as theirs, just with more willpower behind it!

I've only been "doing the cancer thing" since January. I now know there are days that are absolutely horrible to watch Harry go thru....BUT, there are also days where he's "okay"... It's such an "up and down" trip.. Just hang on, and know there are lot's of people that have "whooped" this nasty disease.

Take care of yourself,


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I'm with Nova. We don't do timeframes either. Both our doctors know that, and neither of them believes in offering them. Treatment and response is individual to each person (you can see that on this board).

If your mom is willing to try the new treatment, hang onto to that 10%...then go read Kasey's recent post in the survivors forum ("More flowers").

All the best,

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A good friend of mine just lost her father to lung cancer, however it was after 20+ years of battling it, and for most of that time he was as active as you can be for his ailment. Her family is the one who told me that you can't go by timelines..each person is unique. Her father was only given a few months to live after he was diagnosed.

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