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Tarceva and Time Til See Changes


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Hi there, My mom has Stage 3b squamous NSCLC - she is starting her 3rd line of treatment tomorrow - Tarceva. I've read Dr West's posts on this drug and know that everyone is different in their response...but can any one tell me how long after starting Tarceva did you notice improvement/changes if it did work for you. Any help would be appreciated...we're all anxiously awaiting some symptom relief for my mom's shortness of breath/pain etc.

Thanks very much.

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I had a scan after 8 weeks and there was a significant reduction in my primary tumour and many nodules. I never really had major breathing problems, but within that 8 week period I did notice improvement.

Hope it works for your mum,


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After two months I had a CT scan. The tumor was reduced 30%, the scattered nodules were 90% gone, and the fluid from the pleural effusion was down 70%. I had chemo and Tarceva together so I can’t say it was all the Tarceva.

Stay positive, :)


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