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Yet...One More (or maybe two) Question(s)

Andrea B.

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Seems like I have been asking a lot of questions lately, but it is one of those times where my mom is going through a lot.

My mom has been having bad pain in her back, so she went in for a bone scan. It revealed a fracture in a vertebrae in her back. She is now having a CT scan to find out if it was caused by cancer or osteoperosis. Her oncologist thinks it is osteoperosis. He was saying that the dosage of prednisone she is taking can cause loss of calcium in the bones. Her nurse mentioned some medication that can be infused at the same time as chemo to replenish the calcium loss. Has anyone heard of this or had experiences?

Also, my mom has been receiving a Neulasta shot to replenish white blood cells. She just started having severe pain in her hips and lower back. Her oncologist said this is a side effect of Neulasta. Has anyone experienced this?

Thanks so much in advance!

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Hi Andrea,

Dont ever apologize for asking questions, we all take our turns!! I know that Neupogen causes pain like you describe because it forces your bone marrow to work harder to produce those white cells, so Im thinking it might stand to reason that Neulasta would do the same thing. Of course check with onc. I, too, CANT WAIT till you post in GOOD NEWS!!!

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I get a Nuelasta shot every three weeks when I get my Chemo. Yes, I have experienced pain in my legs and lower back, it is like electrical shocks. It is painful. What I found that works for me is Tylonol Arthritis Pain. Check with your mom's onc. before taking. I am not sure what your mom's chemo is, mine is Taxol/Carbo. My onc warned me that this would happen because the bone marrow is making new white cells.

Hope this helps.... :):)

God Bless and praying for a "Cure" for all of us....


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