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First feeling of being a true LC survivor


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Today I had an appointment for an eye check up. I had put it off for over 3 years (who worries about their eyes with cancer? right?). Anyway, they gave me a form to fill out for medical history. The question at the bottom of the page was do you have any major medical problems that we need to know about? You know...I thought about it...put down copd and problems with A-fib but did not list lung cancer. After all, I am a survivor right? After I got back in the patient room and the doctor came in he was looking at my "history". He said, you did not mention your cancer...what's the deal. I again thought about it and realized I will always have lung cancer, its so much a part of my new normal that I didn't consider it a disease...just a fact of life. He mentioned that he liked my attitude.

Am I just being stupid to feel this way? I know it isn't gone from my "history" and could raise it's ugly head any moment..but I finally have decided not to let it rule my every thought and action.

I am having cataract surgery on May 23 and looking forward to "seeing" my life in a different vein. After all, I've lasted over 4 years and I just might make it another 4...this next 4 with a better "outlook".


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I love that attitude, the lc is way at the back of everything where it belongs.

You're right it will always be a part of us, as everything else we've experienced is........it's just not front and center any more.

Good luck with the surgery.


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